Upcoming Netflix series (May 2021)

Digital platforms are the best friend to disconnect and rest from our routine. At all times, when we no longer find what else to do, we turn on our television and put on a series or movie. Whether they are Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, or Apple TV + series. And this May will not be the difference.

Netflix is ​​a platform that has the best new releases for all of us. With its format of gradually releasing the seasons of each series, it ensures that we do not detach ourselves from the television, impatiently waiting for a new premiere as soon as the chapters have finished. So that you do not miss anything, we leave you here the new Netflix series for this month of May 2021. 

New Netflix series May 2021

The Kominsky Method (Season 3)

The dramatic comedy starring Michael Douglas, and awarded a Golden Globe in its first season, it arrives with the third and final season of the series. As of May 28, the six new episodes will be available on the platform in which the followers of the series will continue to enjoy Sandy’s day-to-day life and how she is getting older. The negative aspect of this new installment is that Alan Arkin as Norman Newlander in the series, will not appear in its ending.

Who Killed Sara? (Season 2)

On May 19, the new installment of this series, released in March, will be available. With a season finale with more doubts than answers, in the new chapters, we will continue to discover the secrets that Sara was hiding and the reasons why she was murdered. In addition, they will allow knowing more about other characters such as Clara and Chema and the identity of the new characters of the second season.

Heaven Is Waiting For You (Premiere)

This South Korean drama series hits Netflix on May 14. A young man with Asperger syndrome begins working with his uncle to clean up trauma. The objective of this work is to tell the stories of deceased people who could not say goodbye to their relatives. In their day to day, they will discover stories that were never told.

New Netflix series April 2021

The Serpent (premiere)

Charles Sobhraj, a French murderer, thief, and con man, known as The Serpent, carried out several murders in Southeast Asia in the 70s taking advantage of tourists who traveled the hippie path of Asia. He commits these crimes as part of his lifestyle until he is discovered by an embassy official. As of April 2, you will be able to learn about this story based on real events through the 8 chapters that make up this season.

Zero (premiere)

This superhero series will star Omar, an introverted boy who has the ability to become invisible. This power will be used to confront a criminal who endangers the community and its safety. In the course of the story, he will make new friends, including a somewhat mysterious art student. Are you looking forward to seeing it? The Italian series arrives on Netflix on April 21.

Other series of premieres

  • Luis Miguel, the series (premiere): April 18
  • Why are you like this? (premiere): April 16
  • The Circle USA (T2): April 14

New Netflix series March 2021

Formula 1: The excitement of a Grand Prix (Season 3)

This docuseries that immerses itself in the world of Formula 1 premieres its third season on March 19. In this new installment, we can see how the 2020 season has been marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. 10 new episodes to bring the fan closer to the paddock and experience closely the teams organized in “bubbles” where no one could leave to avoid contagion. Welcome back to the world of motorsport!

Sky Rojo (premiere)

This Spanish drama series premieres on March 19, which narrates the reality of prostitution through three prostitutes who flee from their pimp and who, after several serious crimes, cannot go to the police. 8 chapters of 25 minutes each starring Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Verónica Sánchez, Lali Espósito, Yany Prado and Enric Etxeandia.

Who Killed Sara? (premiere)

Álex Guzmán, the protagonist of this series, is released from prison after 18 years of unjust imprisonment. Once released, he immerses himself in the search for his sister’s murderer and in the evidence that led the Lazcano family to charge him with this murder. Will you achieve your goal? Starting March 24 on Netflix.

Other series premieres:

  • Ghosts of the City (premiere): March 5
  • Dealer (premiere): March 10
  • Paradise Police (T3): March 12

Releases February 2021

The Dance of the Fireflies (premiere)

This series is an adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s bestselling novel. This romantic drama tells the life of two friends who became inseparable since they were little girls. Despite this, they have suffered clashes and some ups and downs. The series, starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, opens on February 3.

Hache (Season 2)

On February 5, the second season of Hache opens, the series inspired by the 1960s in which Helena, its protagonist, must turn to Malpica, a heroin drug dealer in Barcelona, ​​to get money. Finally, she becomes the boss.

Another series premiere

  • Tribes por Europa (premiere), February 19
  • Invisible City (premieres), February 5
  • In the pits (premiere), February 15

Releases January 2021

50 m2 (premiere)

This Turkish drama genre series premieres on January 27 and consists of eight episodes. The plot that develops the plot is the adoption of the identity of a hitman by that of the dead son of the owner of a tailor shop, where he hides after betraying his bosses.

Cobra Kai (Season 3)

On January 1, the new season of the series arrives on the platform, which continued with the story of the famous movie Karate Kid. The protagonists, as in the film, are Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, repeating the same roles. Its premiere, at first, was scheduled for the eighth but has finally been advanced seven days so that its fans will be able to enjoy the 10 new chapters to celebrate the new year.

Orange Is from the New Black (Season 7)

The famous American comedy and drama series, released in 2013, which chronicles life in a federal women’s prison, returns on January 27 with its seventh season. Thirteen new chapters to learn about the new adventures of its protagonists, Piper and Sophia, out of prison and their adaptation to the new life away from prison and the fate of the rest of the group who remain serving time.

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