Spanish Series ‘Grand Hotel’ Leaving Netflix in January 2021

 Grand Hotel – Picture: Antina 3

The 1-3 season of the Spanish series Grand Hotel Antina is set to leave Netflix on 3 January 2021. This is currently one of the best Spanish series on Netflix and if you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s a touch on why you should and why we’re leaving it.

The Gran Hotel or Grand Hotel as listed on Netflix is a Spanish period drama that aired in Spain between 2011 and 2013. This is the stability of Netflix for some time but Left Netflix back in November 2016on before re-joining Netflix1 January 2019.

Starring Yon Gonzalez, Amaya Salamanca, Adriana Ojores, and Pedro Alonso, the hotel is set in an early 20th-century hotel where the ancient reputation seen from the outside is not quite like the inside.

All three seasons are currently scheduled (and were part of The January 2021 takedown was announced by Netflix on 1 January 2021 to leave Netflix.

Currently, only Netflix has been announced in the United States to remove the series. According to Ungs, The series is based on 29 countries altogether. If Netflix has started adding deletion dates to the platform, then we will get confirmation that other areas are included in the deletion on 1 or 2 December.

January 2021 is set to be a busy month of removal from early signs. In the US, offices and gossip Girl Two big hitters are currently departing.

Where will the Grand Hotel stream once it leaves Netflix? It is impossible to say right now. The non-English speaking series does not begin to crack quickly despite its incredible popularity. One possibility (and we’ve seen several headlines in the past) is that the series doesn’t end up streaming anywhere where you’ll need to rely on video-on-demand platforms instead.

Just on another news, the Grand Hotel was recently adapted by ABC Studios but was short-lived after a season in October 2019. This series is not available on Netflix.

Will you remember the Spanish chain Grand Hotel when it departs in January 2021? Tell us in the comments.

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