Opinion / Is the new Wonder Woman 1984 movie good?

It is long but so exciting that you do not feel the two and a half hours it lasts. The feeling that I got after watching Wonder Woman 1984 (MM84) is that of those few great second parts, a movie that is worth it for its epic action sequences; For example, the fight between the superheroine and her nemesis, and the opening scene that takes place in a shopping center with some jewel thieves involved that returned me to the innocence of the eighties television series with which I grew up and which introduced me to the precious Lynda Carter as the woman with the lasso of justice.

But also because MM84 rescues humanity from this superwoman; his loneliness and sadness matter as much as going to save the world. Her argument is the pain and sacrifice she must go through as a superhero. There is much of Diana Prince here, her public identity, more than Wonder Woman.

Without a doubt, she is the character of the show DC Comics in the cinema. Two films have been enough to give Batman and Superman soup and dry, the jewels of the house that have been riding an irregular career on the screen for years.

The funny thing is that since the first film of the princess of the island Themyscira, produced in 2017, it was unlikely to succeed: despite the fact that Gal Gadot, its protagonist, had already made a point with his appearance in the horrifying Batman vs. Superman, was more recognized as the beauty of the saga of Fast and Furious. Many thought he would repeat the cliché of the sexy superhero, nothing further from what happened.

Thanks not only to the fact that Gadot was a tremendous actress – she lacked history and direction – and, precisely, to a director like Patty Jenkins, the story was a vindication of the character, her struggles, and especially her emotions. It was the beginning of a saga that continues Wonder Woman 1984, which will be released on December 25 in theaters of the country.

The new film focuses on a powerful and ancient gem, capable of granting the wish that is requested and destroying entire civilizations by activating the worst feelings of humanity. However, here we see a lonely, long-suffering, and weakened heroine who fights enemies like Maxwell Lord and Cheetah, as powerful and skilled as she is, and who reveals her most human side with the incredible and bittersweet return of her beloved Steve

It is not a secret that DC Comics has pocketed enough money – never like Marvel has, of course – with rather bland and disappointing films inspired by their superheroes – we must put aside the brilliant Batman trilogy that was in charge of Christopher Nolan. But the nearly $900 million he made three years ago with Wonder Woman were more than deserved. In a pandemic and difficult year for the film industry, it will be difficult for Wonder Woman 1984 to be a blockbuster, although it will remain in the collective memory as the great return of the superheroine.

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