The arrival of Amazon Diana Prince was one of the most successful premieres in 2017: ‘Wonder Woman’, starring Gal Gadot, was among the highest-grossing films of the year with more than 821 million dollars raised worldwide. That, and the good reviews, got Warner going on the second part of heroin. And unsurprisingly, Patty Jenkins repeated behind the camera. The Jenkins-Gadot tandem seemed like the formula that DC needed to come back and that they plan to repeat again. During their time at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, it has been made clear how excited they are with the return of Diana Prince.

Although due to the coronavirus crisis and the continuous dance of release dates of the different films of this 2020, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ has undergone several changes.

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Release Date

It seemed that the return of Wonder Woman was going to be a reality last 2019. Unfortunately for her fans, the release date was delayed until June 5, 2020 (in the United States), the same month that the first installment was released. But with the current situation around the world, and almost all countries forced to confine their population, Warner Bros. delayed the premiere of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ until August 14 to avoid a premiere of this type via streaming. However, that will not be the final date. Warner has moved the premiere once again, this time it seems that the definitive one, as Gal Gadot pointed out in networks.

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Then they said it would be October 2, and it seems that finally Warner intends to release it in 2020, and show it this Christmas. The sequel was changed to December 25, 2020. But as here nothing is certain or fixed given how the pandemic is going, the studio has considered changing the film’s release date. Finally, they have decided, at least in the United States, a premiere on HBO Max and in theaters, given the situation of theaters in their country of origin.

With regard to Spain, the film will hit theaters on December 18 (a week earlier than in the United States).

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Cast

From the beginning, there was a big surprise when the first snapshots of the film came out. When that iconic image of Gadot was shown in front of so many televisions, it was accompanied by a very special one, with good news for fans: Chris Pine was back! Specifically, it was Steve Trevor who returned, and very much in keeping with the eighties life as seen in the photo. This undoubtedly upset the entire fandom that was not clear if it was a flashback, time travel, a resurrection … Well no, Wonder Woman’s love is alive and well thanks to the Crystal of Chaos, which in DC comics have the power to change reality and even fulfill wishes. In an interview with EW, actor Chris Pine said that “he played the tired soldier of the world who has seen all the depravity that humanity is capable of showing. In this film, I am much more cheerful and wide-eyed. My role is that of a friend, lover, boyfriend, and bodyguard who goes out of his way to help Diana on her mission. I’m like the Watson to her Holmes. ”

Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright will also return as Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, and Antiope’s mentor, respectively, although they will not have significant weight. Also, Lynda Carter, the first Wonder Woman, could come out in the second part, but there is no official news of it.

On the bad guys of history, we will know that we will have a double game. For one thing, Kristen Wiig walks into the sequel to play Cheetah. Among the myriad enemies Wonder Woman has amassed over the years, none have been shown in the comics to be as deadly or tenacious as Cheetah, a female cheetah hungry for human flesh. We can consider him as the main nemesis of Wonder Woman. However, the character will not be presented to us directly as a villain, but we will first meet the British archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva, who will become friends with Diana and whose life will lead to the mythical villain of the comics.

And then we have Pedro Pascal. The Chilean, who also looks very eighties, will play the role of Maxwell Lord, a ruthless industrialist who uses his great fortune to accumulate influence and power. The gossips say that he will surely be the one to whom we owe Steve Trevor’s return to the second half. Let us first explain that Maxwell’s mission is to collect any ancient artifacts he may have in his hands, thinking that they will make him “as powerful as a god”, and among the finds will be the aforementioned Chaos Crystal. Or it may all be a trap, in the end, to trick the Amazon into taking his side.

Natasha Rothwell (HBO’s Love, Simon, Insecure), Soundarya Sharma (Ranchi Diaries), Ravi Patel (Meet the Patels, Wrecked), and Gabriella Wilde (Carrie, The Three Musketeers) round out the cast, although their roles are unknown.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Synopsis

“It is its own chapter, a completely new movie. It is not a sequel, it is its own story.” This is how Gadot defined the second part of ‘Wonder Woman’ at the last Comic-Con. The film adds to that of nostalgia and the continuation goes back to the 80s. With the announcement of the title by the creative head of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns, and that ‘WW84’ logo, they already warned of its title, and incidentally that the story seemed to be taken to that decade, with the Cold War as a backdrop. That is why there have been so many nods to those years in the subsequent images released, such as that homage to the Club of the Five.

Therefore, Wonder Woman jumps to the future, to the 80s (the first took place in the middle of World War I) where she will meet Barbara Ann Minerva without knowing that she will end up being her worst enemy. Few more details are known about the plot, much less how it will end, although a possible plot (unofficial) was recently leaked that anticipated that in this sequel set in the cold war Diana Prince meets a very ambitious man who has an object that grants wishes. The heroine will want to bring back her beloved Steve Trevor – whose presence has already been confirmed. But everything has a cost: in return, she gradually loses her powers. Meanwhile, Dr. Barbara Minerva grows stronger until she manages to become the villainous and feline Cheetah at the end of the film. What makes her a villain? An inferiority complex with her friend Diana, as the director of the film, explained to Empire.

Since the official synopsis has not yet arrived, we cannot confirm this content. What is clear is that Jenkins has no intention of making a sequel as such: this is a totally independent film from the previous one, so there is no intention of making a trilogy or saga dependent on previous films. As Jenkins has recognized, choosing 1984 is because it is a very evocative year and a highlight of the decade, in addition to being closely linked to the world today.

Some details have also been advanced, such as that Hans Zimmer is in charge of putting the score. Now, in the case of having a third film, the director is clear that it is already well to take the heroine to the past: the story would be contemporary, although she has not decided more nuances about that new possible adventure. In the footage shown at CinemaCon, the superhero catches two boys in a shopping mall.

The first reactions to the sequel have been very positive, with what the wait for the days that remain is most promising.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Shooting

The production of the film has crossed the pond. The filming – which began in Georgetown – has taken place in several places, one of them the Canary Islands, or Almería, since Gadot happened in September for a few scenes. Although where most of the filming has been carried out is in London. It was last December 2018, when a happy Gal Gadot announced the end of the film’s shooting via Instagram.


‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Screenshots

wonder woman 1984 imagenes exclusivas
Warner Bros.
wonder woman 1984 imagenes exclusivas
Warner Bros.
wonder woman 1984 imagenes exclusivas
Warner Bros.

Since last summer we have had the opportunity to see images of this second part. Gadot herself shared the return image of Wonder Woman in costume and armor. Another of the first images that were seen of the actress was piloting what will be the invisible jet.
Then came to the tributes to the 80s that could not be missed, like this one dedicated to the movie ‘The Club of the Five’ so commented on in networks. Pascal shared it on her account, although she later deleted it.

The cast of Wonder Woman 1984 recreating a poster of The Club of the Five

Entertainment Weekly magazine also published new exclusive images of the superheroine. The film will undoubtedly honor the decade in which Diana returns. In them, you can see the armor that Diana will wear for her new actions, the golden armor that will spread her wings. It can be better appreciated in the gallery below.

Total Film offered us an exclusive image of the protagonist distributing in the middle of the shopping center. It certainly comes ready for action.

Empire has also presented a shooting of exclusive images with Wonder Woman as the cover of its April issue, where a snapshot in which finally Wonder Woman’s mythical Lasso of Truth, one of her most iconic weapons, as well as a romantic one, stands out. the scene with Chris Pine:
Another of the promotional images (and leaked) of Diana Prince in flight. We had never used this superpower that in the comics he had once used:
Less content has come from her nemesis. About the character of Kristen Wiig, we have only had an image of her characterized as her alter ego before becoming Cheetah, Barbara Minerva. Hopefully, more will come to us soon.
A few days before the premiere, Warner Bros. is still giving away these 80s (and colorful) posters.
‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Poster
The first poster of the film was shared by the filmmaker through her social networks

Then the new posters of official characters would arrive, which we leave you below:

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Warner Bros.
wonder woman 1984
Warner Bros.
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poster de steve trevor, de wonderwoman
Warner Bros.

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