Space Sweepers Netflix Movie review

Let’s put ourselves in the situation. It’s Friday, and you come home wanting to see a movie or series that surprises you, or, at least, makes you have a good time. You put Netflix, that platform that has become a springboard for many international directors, eager to show the public their works. Although there is a slight problem, and it is that lately, you spend more time searching through its extensive catalog, than enjoying that jewel that you expected to find. And it is that Netflix is a titan in accelerated expansion, which unfortunately in the end offers too much mediocre material. However, amid so much tedious content, there are various treasures that manage to capture your attention and give you that wonderful moment of entertainment that you have been waiting for so much. If you are a fan of science fiction, this is what can happen to you when you watch Space Sweepers.

A new Korean Netflix production, directed by Sung-Hee Jo, that although the name may incite us to go by, the truth is that it looks perfectly capable of pleasantly surprising fans of the genre. A space adventure that has been released without much noise on February 5, 2021, but that will still give a lot to talk about once it is released.

Title: Space sweepers

Image Credit to Netflix
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Original title: Seungriho


Song Joong-Ki (Tae-ho)

Kim Tae-ri (Captain Jang)

Seon-kyu Jin (Tiger Park)

Hae-Jin Yoo (Robot)

Richard Armitage (Sullivan)

Year: 2021

Duration: 136 min

Country: South Korea

Director: Sung-Hee Jo

Screenplay: Sung-Hee Jo, Seung-min Yoon, and Yookang Seo-ae

Genre: Science fiction

Distribution: Netflix

Synopsis of ‘Space’

sweepersSpace sweepers take us to 2092. Four space junk-hunting misfits and distant dreams uncover disturbing secrets when they try to sell a rare humanoid. (NETFLIX)

Visually impressive

The story of Space Sweepers takes place in the year 2092. Earth is an uninhabitable place, where the vast majority of the population barely survives, while a privileged few live like a king in a paradisiacal environment called “ La Órbita ”, created by the UST corporation (The bad bad guys, on duty). This of course is nothing new, and reminds me of other plots like Elysium, for example.

The fascinating thing comes when you visualize the great setting they have created for Space Sweepers. Taking into account that they have had a budget that barely exceeds 21 million dollars, their effects and their staging can rival without problems with many other Hollywood space films. It is really attractive and has a certain personal touch in terms of the settings and the different environments that are shown; something that one does not expect from the beginning and that turns out to be a pleasant surprise. It is very visually appealing, of course.

Fun and charismatic

Space Sweepers has a plot and characters that, although they are certainly not a novelty, achieve that attraction and entertainment that a fan of science fiction requires at least.

The protagonists are a group of misfits, who are very reminiscent of Guardians of the Galaxy, but who are very fond of. Each one has a story to tell, and throughout the film, we have time to get to know them sufficiently; the reason that has led them to become space sweepers, and the goal they seek both together and individually. We also have the bad guy on duty, whose profile is not far from the conventional, but who has what it takes to get us to disgust him and touch the noses of the heroes enough (And he is correctly interpreted by the well-known Richard Armitage, that many will remember for his role in The Hobbit saga, playing Thorin).

Throughout the plot, action and humor are very present (Yes, this also reminds of Guardians of the Galaxy, we know). With a very fluid and entertaining rhythm, which will make those two-odd hours not become long and tiring. And it goes without saying that the impressive scenes and battles in space keep your eyes in orbit at every moment; it’s quite a show.

Between topics and references

It is undeniable that Space Sweepers drink directly from certain films of the same genre, both for their plot and for their setting. There are numerous scenes and scenarios that remind us of the aforementioned Elysium or Guardians of the Galaxy, for example; although movies like this may also come to mind at certain times The Fifth Element or Blade Runner.

The story that they propose to us in Space Sweepers would not be defined as something unique or original, without a doubt. In fact, these types of approaches are explored and exploited very often in this genre, and that is why we are not going to lie, you are not going to eat your head thinking. However, despite these references and common topics in the genre, it manages to captivate and hook from beginning to end.

It is true that at certain moments, the plot is quite predictable. Some conflicts or problems that seem impossible to solve, are suddenly solved with one of those typical elements or simple resources, to which they seem to always resort in case of needing an explanation for the said miraculous event; which in other circumstances would have ended in inevitable disaster, but here it ends willingly. And although this is not something that favors the film, it does not become a real virus that spoils the entertainment. If we ignore those details and simply limit ourselves to enjoying the function, we will certainly find a blockbuster that may well rival Hollywood films of its genre.


Space Sweepers is an amazing work of science fiction that despite its budget, offers a spectacular visual aspect, a lot of action, and a lot of humor. It has a very fluid and entertaining rhythm, thus preventing the two-odd hours that it lasts from becoming perhaps too long or tedious. It drinks from numerous films of its genre, and yet it is capable of measuring itself and rivaling many Hollywood productions. It is true that his argument is not innovative and can be shown at certain times as quite predictable.

But even with these flaws and obviousness, hook and have fun from start to finish; and their charismatic characters make you love them. It is a blockbuster that will surely give fans of this subject a lot to talk about. A good option to re-enjoy a great and very entertaining futuristic story, which may seem simple, but has a lot to offer.

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