Know about Sanjeev Kumar | Biography of Sanjeev Kumar

Know about Sanjeev Kumar

“Your eyes are magical.” “How can my heart escape?” As such, his parents had named him Harihar Jariwala. But the film industry made him our beloved Sanjeev Kumar. “Your eyes are magical.” “How can my heart escape?” Sanjeev Kumar was born on 9th July 1938. In 1960 he came on the silver screen for the first time. The movie was ‘Hum Hindustani’. As a child, Sanjeev Kumar had decided that he will be an actor. He worked on the stage. He enacted in dramas. One day he went to the famous acting school.. ‘Filmalaya’ After Filmalaya acting school, he headed straight to films. He became a hero in 1965. The movie was ‘Nishan’.

Although the movie didn’t do wonders at the box-office. It’s my mistake.. ..which I am facing now. Laxmi was chaste. How did she get stuck in the muck? But in 1968 came a film.. ..where Sanjeev Kumar shook even brilliant actor Dilip Kumar. In this multi-starrer, Sanjeev Kumar’s talent was clearly evident. In 1970 came a film Which made Sanjeev Kumar a star. This movie was ‘Khilona’. Sanjeev Kumar was the only actor of those times.. ..who was acting as a hero, as a villain, and also playing character roles.

Biography of Sanjeev Kumar

He was selfish and greedy. He had the trance of power and reign. Today the same trance of power and reign… No, Badal. No, I don’t want the throne and the crown.. ..that has changed my godly brother into a devil. If you want the throne, take it. But for God’s sake become the same Badal again. It’s quite a known fact.. ..that when he entered the stage his director was A.K. Hangal. Sanjeev Kumar requested him to make him the hero of the play. But A.K. Hangal gave him the role of an old man. And said, “You look like a hero.” “You can play that role very easily.” “But if you can play the role of what you don’t look like on the stage.. ..then we can say that you are an actor.” Sanjeev Kumar remembered that lesson all his life. Listen, Ramu.. ..God has given you hands. to do good work and not bad work. You should not steal with the hands that you use to feed yourself. It’s also a known fact that Sanjeev Kumar wanted to marry dream girl Hema Malini. But Hema was in love with the famous actor of those times Dharmendra. So how could she accept Sanjeev Kumar’s proposal? It broke Sanjeev Kumar’s heart. It was also said that due to this reason he did not get married in the future.

He was not a man. He was a messiah. I am not used to hearing my praises. Especially from women. Why? What’s the flaw in women? God save me from women’s deceit and treachery. I don’t trust any beautiful woman in the world. Although there was news of his romance with.. ..famous actress and singer Sulakshana Pandit. But he had shared the actual reason for not getting married to his friend Gulzar. He had said that in his family none of the men.. ..have lived for longer than 50 years. That’s why he doesn’t want to get married. He didn’t want to destroy anyone’s life. It was true.

His father had died at the age of 50. His younger brother at the age of 48. And Sanjeev Kumar died at the age of 47. The characters that Sanjeev Kumar played became immortal. Be it Angoor’s Ashok. Or Sholay’s Thakur Baldev Singh. He was seen in many movies with Jaya Bahaduri. He played great roles with Jaya. He would often say that in ‘Parichay’ she was my daughter.. ..and I was her father. In ‘Nauker’ we romanced. In ‘Koshish’ we were husband and wife. And in ‘Sholay’ father-in-law and daughter-in-law. I wish I could play the role of her son.. ..and she would be my mother. Yes. Sanjeev Kumar was such a talented actor.. ..that people wouldn’t get tired of applauding his every style.

For ‘Dastak’ he got the national award. His dialogue delivery, his seriousness, and his comic timing made him a top actor. Is someone there? Yes. I am there. Coming. Gradually Sanjeev Kumar put on weight. He was a foodie. He underwent treatment and operation. He controlled his diet. But gradually his health deteriorated. In 1985 he died. Truly, there was nobody like Sanjeev Kumar in the history of Indian cinema. To know the extraordinary story of talented personalities.. ..subscribe to People and History.

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