What Justin Bieber Reply for Asking Why Wife Hailey Is Not Ready for Kids?

Justin Bieber Explains Why Wife Hailey Is Not Ready for Kids

Justin bearers talking babies with Ellen DeGeneres Jessen said he won 7. Kansas Bailey is quote willing to push out. When asked him why that would be happening.

Well, wait what is there you know you love kids you’re so good with kids.

Justin Bieber Reply, “I think the issue there’s not really an issue but I think Kelly still has something she wants to accomplish all as a woman and I think she just wants to. Yeah, I think she just is not ready yet I think that’s okay.”

Yes Hey, we want to turn 25 to 20 by the way one earns daily ones that are going to live a normal life they’re like the kind of just now getting out of college so you know you’re certain your career that’s the thing about celebrities is that they are so far in advance like Justin Bieber has been in the game since he was 12 years old so he feels like a 40-year-old man he wants to move into that moment of life.

I do feel bad because sometimes women can’t just say I’m not ready yet they have to almost put up bees like falls roadblocks like I want to be able to do this and this and this before I have a baby why can’t we just say yo bro I need about 5 more years you know why it’s so true I feel like I and you know what.

I’m stumbling because of what you just said I feel like women do that I think were slightly condition if we’re in a relationship or were married and were not really thinking about having children were not ready we do want to focus on other things or guess what just wanna have fun we’re always kind of having to come up with some sort of excuse formulate some sort of reasoning she’s not even 25 years old I think people are so obsessed I literally is and has been on the show to both of you 5 times.

 Why Hailey Is Not Ready for Kids

I get a reaction from the audience and from our own producer’s tech meeting you said husband I have a full nervous system inside of my stomach I’m another human being who cares about husband like people are so obsessed with like marriage babies like that timeline it’s so weird how not progressive we are not one angle but everything else in life really making strides it’s just like she’s 24 is also going to Kenya get over it right I think it’s just I mean.

I mean they’ve been married 2 years kind of type like usually around that time really start a lot of couples start to talk about it or my mom Chris is my mother that’s what my media talking about it. And it’s like it is what it is but I mean it in weather and they decide they want to wait 5 years they want to wait 10 years whatever that’s each couple absolutely but I mean Justin is the one who’s like saying like you know he wants as many babies as possible and I totally agree with Haley though wait until you are ready like I say that everybody that is like thinking about it I was like wait because your life does change it’s not to say that you can’t complete your goals after you have kids absolutely not you, of course, can but it is more challenging because it is more difficult and you have more roadblocks up against.

You said if you can it’s best for kids did you get the fact that it was a sore subject like when he was 8 you know. Hey, we just have some more things to do in her life like it was almost 6 days dying to have a life that first baby and she just won’t give in I think which I think will do it I was thinking of it as Justin trying to be very PC like I just took it as like him just saying like and it’s a hard body and if he wants to see again and I was not there and then I did that because like I thought he was just trying to be like merry like make sure you don’t say the wrong thing new. I think he’s also a little monotone so it seems that way I think it is very ready I think he’s very ready he radioactivity had it ready that’s it for today’s daily pop but don’t worry we do it every day that’s right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our E. news YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of the latest videos whether it’s tackling breaking Hollywood headlines are amazing celebrity in-studio interviews daily pop on you too will keep your pop culture.

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