Compare the queen to Hollywood celebrities and four other things Meghan didn’t understand about the monarchy.

One of the topics that continue to captivate the international press the most is the interview that Harry and Meghan, Dukes of Sussex, gave the presenter Oprah Winfrey a week ago. Many things have been said about her, but one aspect that has gone unnoticed is that the princess apparently knew very little about the monarchy and the handling of life in the palace. Although no one believes that princes can return to their former role as members of the royal family and whatever is said today is crying over spilled milk, these are some of the reasons that would explain their resentment and sadness at that institution.

  1. Lack of curiosity: Many historians and royal experts were terrified that a Northwestern University graduate, such as Meghan, had no interest in finding out a little about the family he was entering as Harry’s wife. Furthermore, it does not take any degree to find out on the subject if you believe in the saying that people do not marry the couple, but their family. On camera, she said she knew nothing about the British monarchy, nor did she mention that she had read history texts to get out of her ignorance. She only Googled the national anthem and other songs for the church and with that, she had to fulfill her purpose of not embarrassing them. Had I done more on this front, I would have known that British royalty is different from Hollywood celebrities and that they, although they share the same DNA with other mortals, are considered different, unique, and special characters. However, Meghan came to the fairy tales she had read as a child and all she knew about royalty was what “Harry shared” with her.

  1. She couldn’t handle the press like a princess: Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, It could have been a great help for Meghan if they had had coffee together. If so, she would have explained to him how cruel the British press can be to members of the royal family, as she was the victim of much when Lady Di was the queen of the tabloids. Meghan complained a lot about the press treatment of her, but that was not even half of the things they said to Camilla at the time, who even treated her as a Rottweiler, for being unattractive. The truth is that both Camilla and any other member of the royal family survive the attacks of the press by maintaining their composure and, even more important, by staying quiet. In that sense, there was a lack of calculation that stems from the first point, because not knowing the difference between a Hollywood actress and the Queen of England, she thought she could give her opinion on everything she wanted to the press. In the palace, the advisers are very careful that this does not happen and that is why in their first meeting with Oprah in Kensington Palace there they were. It was not silenced, as it says. The advisers simply did their job of taking care that no one in the family talks too much.


  1. Royal service is hard work: If you had read history books or newspapers, you would have realized that the work of royals is heavy in the sense that official visits to schools are not They are talks with friends or trips to other lands, a tourism plan. However, if she had taken a look at the lives of other members like her, she would have better understood her role in “the Firm”. Finding out, for example, that Harry’s great-great-grandfather, King George VI, had a full schedule of inaugurations to unveil monuments or ribbon cuts and all these tires. Also, as Queen Elizabeth herself reported in 1948, travel to other countries is strenuous. When she was still a princess, she went with her husband to Paris and, despite the frequent discomforts and nausea due to her four months of pregnancy, the future queen was in the City of Light for four days attending a hectic official schedule. This type of service is part of the DNA of this family and Meghan may not have known it.

 4. The experts: Meghan complained that she never had a course to help her navigate this complicated world. There was no class or anyone to talk to about how to cross your legs, the duchess mentioned to Oprah. It has been known recently that Queen Elizabeth actually gave her a person of her total confidence for this work. As Sally Bodell Smith puts it, Meghan was given the antithesis of what she called the gray men of the palace: Samantha Cohen, who for years was the queen’s personal assistant and knows how to tactfully handle the pressures of what it means to be. member of the royal family. She was dedicated to Meghan full-time and for whatever she needed. But as it has been revealed in recent days, Meghan never asked for her help or wanted to trust her when it came to solving her doubts. In addition, they say, he never thanked her for his presence and treated Cohen in a derogatory way, which caused this official a lot of stress.

  1. She was not grateful for the gifts that Queen Elizabeth II gave her: in the same vein of not having taken advantage of the opportunities that the royal family was offering her, Meghan also did not know how to thank a gift priceless that the queen gave him. It is the patronage of the Commonwealth Association of Universities. Queen Elizabeth made her and Harry patrons of this great social cause, which is a great opportunity to help many people in many parts of the world. Meghan did notice the amount of black or biracial population in these countries, but despite that, she did not see the enormous help that she could have done there as a biracial woman. He preferred to escape with his prince to California to develop another type of social service with his Archewell foundation, which still many do not know how it will be articulated or what purpose it has.


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