Alba Flores is a famous Spanish actress who has marked a milestone in Spanish cinema. Today we will give you all the details of her personal and artistic life.

Considered an excellent Spanish actress who stood out for her performance in the series “Casa de Papel”, Alba played Nairobi but she has also had relevant roles in other works such as Vis vis, where she played the role of Saray Vargas.

She is an excellent actress who has been taking important steps in the world of acting and pleasant surprises are expected of her soon. For this reason, today we are going to give you the details of her artistic life and how her evolution has been as a person of her.


Alba González Villa, identified in the artistic world as Alba Flores was born in Madrid on October 27, 1986, is the daughter of Antonio Flores, a Spanish musician, author of musical pieces, and Alba Villa, a theater producer. She has an artistic lineage that includes the unforgettable Lola Flores and Rosario Flores (hence her resemblance) as well as the actress Elena Furious.

From a very young age, she received the support of her parents to dedicate herself to acting and the artistic world; she received acting classes with renowned teachers; a detail that greatly influenced her life was the death of her father when she was just a child.

Alba has not stopped remembering her father fondly. In recent years, Alba Flores’ mother has always been taking care of her and protecting her artistic activity, lending her support in all the activities that this talented young woman has been developing.


The young Alba Flores rose to fame after playing the character Yamila in the series El Tiempo entre costuras, a very emotional and popular work that allowed us to evoke the fictitious situations of a time. However, by 2006 she had already made several interpretations in works such as “El Comisario” and “Síndrome de Ulises in 2013.

However, the young woman had already been making participating in various local theater plays in Madrid, allowing her to become tanned with high-level actors. This allowed him to reach another level in acting. The young actress participated in the works “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Honeymoon in Hiroshima” during 2007, to later be part of the actors who participated in the theatrical play “Los Managers” in 2008.

Although Alba Flores has not stopped acting in theater, her participation on television has been relevant despite her young age. In 2015 she participated in the series Vis Vis, playing the role of Saray, her performance deserved the praise of the circuits of cinema and art.

The role that she played helped her to be considered one of the best young Spanish artists; She, in the same way, has had the opportunity to have contact with artists such as Maggie Cuantos and Beatriz Vázquez.

While he was filming Vis Vis, the offer came to him to play the role of a young woman named Nairobi in the series called “La casa de Papel”, which premiered on the Netflix platform two years ago and was a major success.

Nairobi is an interesting character who enriches Alba’s work as an actress. The character became a feminist reference, where the producers did not realize the importance of the content. So much has been the influence of this character in the public life of the followers of the series, that the phrases used by Nairobi have become virilized in the various social networks.

During the filming, she shared the stage with other high-level actors such as Úrsula Corberó who played Tokio, Álvaro Morte who played the Professor, Darko Peric as Helsinki, Jaime Lorente in the role of Denver) and Pedro Alonso as Berlin.

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